Revit Architecture 2012 Tutorial - Floors

This tutorial will go through all the ways to create floors and more: Creating floors, Raft foundation, slope in floor

Revit Architecture 2012 - 3D Construction Detail

This Tutorial will go through how to make a 3D construction detail in Revit Architecture. In Revit Model In-Place is used to create the construction detail.

Revit Architecture 2012 Tutorial - Model In-Place

This Tutorial will go through model in-place at a advanced Level: Extrusion, sweeps, planes, setting plane

Revit Architecture 2012 Tutorial - Walls Advanced 2

This Tutorial will go through Walls at a advanced Level: Locking layers, Disallowing joint and allowing joint, Wall by Face, Stacked walls

Revit Architecture 2012 Tutorial - Walls Advanced 1

This Tutorial will go through Walls advanced: Sweeps, Reveals, Split Walls, Wall Profile, Modify walls, Layers, Function, material, thickness, wraps, window wrap and join

Revit Architecture 2012 Tutorial - Template File Part 2

This Tutorial will go through what is need to create a good template file. Part 2 will go through : Keynote, Keynote settings, Line Pattern, Line Styles, Revit Architecture Options, Annotation Symbols, Title Block and Saving the Template file

Revit Architecture 2012 Tutorial - Template File

This Tutorial will go through what is need to create a good template file. Part 1 will go through : Levels, Window & Door Tag, Fill Pattern, .Pat File, Word Pad, Object Styles, Visibility Graphics, Over Ride, Arrow Heads and Text.

Revit Architecture Tutorials - 3: Grid, Levels & Floor

Topics covered in this Revit Architecture Tutorials - 3: Grid, Levels & Floor are:

- Create 5 vertical grid lines grid line 1 (3m, distance), grid line 2‐5 (10m distance)
- Rename grid line
- Create 5 horizontal grid lines grid A‐B & D‐E (3m distance) and B‐C & C‐D (10m distance)
- Create 4 additional levels offset: 3m
- Adjust the grid and the level lines
- Create floor: generic 300mm start > floor > structural floor, lock the floor boundaries to the grid

Revit Architecture Tutorials - 2: User Interface

In this Revit Architecture Tutorials - 2, User interface elements such as Application Button, Quick Access Toolbar, Info Center, Tabs, Ribbon, Panels, Insert Tab, Annotate Tab, Structure Tab, Meshing & Site Tab, View Tab, Drawing Area, View Control Bar, Status Bar, Properties Pallete, Project Browser are shown & discussed in detail.

Revit Architecture Tutorials - 1: Introduction

This Revit Architecture Tutorials - 1 video takes overview of the topics that will be covered in these set of introductory getting started tutorials.

Autodesk Revit Architecture: Modeling a Mass

This Autodesk Revit Architecture Tutorial video shows how to model a mass within the project environment.

Autodesk Revit Architecture: Introduction to Masses

This tutorial video introduces how masses work in the conceptual design environment in Autodesk Revit Architecture software.

Autodesk Revit: Using Point Cloud Data in Revit

This Autodesk Revit tutorial video demonstrates how to insert a point cloud data file in Revit, and identifies some of the tools that can be used to work with this data.

Autodesk Revit: Creating Sheet Views

This Autodesk Revit Tutorial video demonstrates how to create a sheet in Revit and add and position views on a sheet.

Autodesk Revit: Creating and Documenting Assemblies

This Autodesk Revit tutorial video demonstrates how to create an assembly from multiple element instances or groups, add elements to and remove elements from that assembly, create shop drawings of the assembly, and place them on a sheet in Revit.

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 Basics Ground Up Tutorials

These Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 Basics Ground Up Getting Started Tutorials are conceived to allow an easy start with Autodesk Revit Architecture and to get an extensive overview of the BIM based work.You can view the handout for this tutorial , Download the datasets or Download the complete tutorial file

Revit Structure 2012: Visualization Framework

The analytical model can be exported for analysis in a 3rd-party package. After calculations the results can be imported into the Autodesk Revit Structure model where they can be visualized concurrently. Those results can be presents in the form of maps and diagrams.

Revit Structure 2012: Assemblies

The assembly feature was designed with precast workflows in mind, where users need to track and schedule a collection of elements as a single element. Assemblies help support the creation of shop drawings for prefabricated building assemblies such as precast walls, columns, beams, and floors.

Revit Structure 2012: Enhanced Reinforcements

Autodesk Revit Structure 2012 provides some new functionalities in 3D reinforcement. Enhancements have been made to help users more easily define and visualize concrete reinforcement in Autodesk Revit Structure. New methods for managing the definition of reinforcement as well as controlling its placement have been added. These new functionalities of reinforcement modeling and visualization move us forward to the next stage for detailing and scheduling

Revit Structure 2012: Enhanced Analytical Model

Autodesk Revit Structure 2012 provides some enhancements to help users create and manage the structural analytical model such as better visibility and greater control over the analytical model. This improves Revit Structure's ability to manipulate the analytical model to help solve round-tripping issues between Revit Structure and structural analysis software.

Autodesk Revit Architecture: Rendering a View with Artificial Lighting

Following Autodesk Revit Architecture tutorial video shows how to define artificial lighting for a rendering and how to adjust the exposure.

Autodesk Revit Structure: Creating Beam & Truss

This Autodesk Revit Structure tutorial video shows how to create a structural beam system using one click method & boundary definition. It also covers the creation of truss using truss tool.

Autodesk Revit Architecture: Roof Tutorial

In this Autodesk Revit Architecture tutorial Sloped Roofs such as Gable Roof, Hip style roof, Shade Style Roofs are created. This tutorial shows how to manipulate a sketch of a roof to create a sloped roof using the Defines Slope option, and using slope arrows. 


Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 What's New Tutorials

Revit Architecture 2012: Type Selector Enhancements

Type Selector has been improved to make access easier. You can now change the type using the Type Selector while in sketch mode. Also, you can add or remove the Type Selector to the Modify tab by right-clicking.

Revit Architecture 2012: 3D Locking and Tagging

You can now lock a 3D view and tag elements in the view. You can better communicate your design in 3D views by tagging and annotating within the view.

Revit Architecture 2012: Dimension Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the Dimension tool. You now can customize dimesnion equality text. The "EQ" text can be overridden to achieve a customized result for individual dimension segments. New dimension leader and text is also available that allows for more customization.

Revit Architecture 2012: Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog provides a quicker and easier way to assign shortcuts to all of your tools, including single key entry will be first in priority, warning on duplicate shortcut creation, and export all commands not just those with assignments.

Revit Architecture 2012: Starting Views

Dictate which view to display when a Revit file is loaded. Starting Views are available in Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP 2012.

Revit Architecture 2012: DWG Export Enhancements

Improvements to DWG export functionality enable you to map Autodesk Revit Architecture categories and subcategories to layers in DWG files, giving you more control over layer naming. In addition, you can map Revit lines, patterns, and fonts to their DWG equivalents.

Revit Architecture 2012: Point Cloud Integration

Point cloud tools in Autodesk Revit Architecture software connect laser scans directly into the Building Information Modeling process, helping to accelerate renovation and retrofit projects. By visualizing point clouds directly within the Revit software environment, it's easier to author an as-built model with more confidence and accuracy.

Revit Architecture 2012: Visualization Enhancements

Visualization enhancements present you with more options for displaying your project. Users now have the ability to display edges with more realistic views and shadows in consistent colors mode. New semitransparent views help provide clarity in viewing elements within projects.

Revit Architecture 2012: Construction Modeling & Assemblies

Watch this video for an overview of the new Construction Modeling and Assemblies features in Autodesk Revit Architecture and Revit Structure 2012.

New construction modeling tools support virtual construction modeling workflows with specific focus on 4D sequencing, including scheduling, visualization, documentation and coordination.

Assemblies help support the creation of assembly views for pre-fabricated building assemblies such as precast walls, columns, beams and floors.

Autodesk Revit: Getting Started

Introduces the Revit 2011 user interface and helps you get up and running.

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